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Andhra Pradesh Tour Package

gujratAndhra Pradesh The heart of the south is Andhra. Here, the Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu faiths formed a brilliant mosaic of cultures. And, with its eyes on the Pacific Rim countries there is a growing port which could become the most powerful in Asia by the 21st century.

Hyderabad, the capital was built by Mohammed Qul of the Qutab Shahi dynasty. When the Qutab Shahis were defeated by the Mughals, the princely Nizams took over as hereditary governors and later became rulers in their own right, reputedly the richest princes in the British Empire.

Visit the Char Minar, literally the Four Minarets, an enormous gate built as a talisman to ward off a plague in 1591. Around it, is an old bazaar selling pearls, lacquer and glass bangles, clothes and accessories for Hyderabadi brides.

The great Mecca Masjid Mosque reputedly holds bricks brought from the holy city of Mecca. An amazing collection of art, artifacts and trinkets displayed in the Salar Jung Museum is well worth lingering over. Atop a hill is a modern temple and a planetarium built by the industrialist Birla Family; good insights into other worlds and certainly over the city. The zoo is one of the best in India and its safari park and nocturnal house are good experiences. Savour typical Hyderabadi food such as biryani, haleem, baghare baigan and qubani ka meetha. Also explore Golconda Fort and the Qutab Shahi Tombs on the way to the Fort.

Nagarjunasagar is a vast lake formed by the backed up waters of the Krishna River held back by a dam, which is almost 9,000,000 kw of power and canals irrigating thousands of square km. Take a motor launch to the island of Nagarjunakonda to see Buddhist ruins which were located on the hill which is now the entire island and other constructions which were rescued from the waters of the dam and re-sited on the island. The Museum holds Buddhist relics including coins of the Roman Emperors Tiberius and Hadrian. Also explore a re-sited Buddhist monastery ashore and Ethiupothala Falls (25 km) a 20 m high cascade of water.

Visakhapatnam, on the east coast, is a swiftly growing port city which promises to become one of Asia's major ports by the 21st century, though still a gangly adolescents with too much happening too fast. Great stretches of coast with largely undiscovered beaches of all types ran from Visakh to the old Dutch trading centre of Bheemunipatnam.

Tirupati is a temple and pilgrim town at the base of the Tirumala Hills on which the ancient and beautiful, Temple of Lord Venkateshwara stands. The Tirumala township is the greenest most picturesque and best administered pilgrim centre in the southern region. Andhra Pradesh Tour

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